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Case study:

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Creative direction

How to sell the same products to different markets? The importance of reaching the right target by telling the right story.

Some personal observations and creative recommendations for shaping the future of Gildan’s brands – with a focus on Gildan – by reinforcing the brand image, talking to a wider audience, inspiring the design community, and by being the go-to for all things printwear.

As an international company with different brands, especially in the same market, Gildan has to face the challenge of both unifying them but also differentiating them through strong and coherent stories, not only for the main company name, but also for each of these brands. I took on the challenge of reviewing them with a focus on Gildan, exploring what could be improved, and coming up with what I think would be more solid storytelling and creative direction.

This is personal analysis and research that was not commissioned, and performed without speaking to the Gildan team, so it may not reflect their expectations.

This presentation is based on Gildan existing material, some Google researches and external inspiration.



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